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Why your business should sell ready-made soup

Whether your business is a café, restaurant, university or care home, you should sell fresh, pre-prepared soup because it eliminates prep and cook time, offers an attractive profit margin and requires no strain on your overheads such as gas or electric.

Most importantly: freshly pre-prepared, ready made soup (bought from the right supplier) tastes delicious.

And it’s not just a hearty meal to keep people warm in winter, there are many benefits of soup.

Here’s why serving soup is a good idea for your business, coupled with some answers to common questions we (as manufacturers of quality food) often receive.

What soup flavours are available to buy commercially?

Soup is available in many flavours that reflect food trends and dietary requirements. If you’re wondering what to serve with soup because you think only tomato soup is available – think again.

World food has exploded in the UK market over the last few years and was one of the key food trends of 2019.

The Real Soup Company is a manufacturer of quality fresh soup, available in either large quantities or single-serve grab and go soup pots.

We carefully handcraft our soup in an array of both traditional and world flavours. These include rich flavours such as Indonesian chickpea and coconut soup, butternut squash soup, tomato and basil, beef stew, Thai chicken and French onion to name a few.

Carefully handcrafted in the Welsh valleys, our soup is packed full of flavour.

This is just one way to keep your menu fresh and topical, something that will help your food to stand out in today’s world of social media.

Our soups also offer variety to your menu – helping you cater for the growing number of vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free diners.

What soup is vegan?

Vegan soup includes lentil soup flavoured with garlic and herbs, leek and potato soup, French onion soup, country vegetable soup and our award-winning Indonesian chickpea and coconut soup.

From meatless Mondays to full-time veganism, plant-based diets have gone mainstream.

Anyone selling food without including suitable vegan options are severely limiting their potential customer base. What’s more, vegans in a group can dictate where the party goes – which won’t be to your business if you don’t offer something tasty!

Thankfully, we have plenty of vegan soups on offer to capture this market.

These options are perfect for everyone regardless of whether they’re 100% vegan, trying to reduce their meat intake or simply want some delicious soup!

What soup is made without gluten

Only four of our recipes have gluten in them!

It’s estimated that 15% of Brits choose a gluten-free diet.

Tennis superstar Novak Djokovic even released his own gluten-free recipe cookbook after crediting his success to the diet.

Gluten is a mixture of proteins found in wheat, as well as barley, rye, and oats. Even though only 1% of the population cannot tolerate gluten (coeliac disease) many people see it as a healthier way of life.

If you aren’t offering it on your menu, it’s time to change.

What are the health benefits of soup?

There are many health benefits of soup due to its low calories and ingredients that aid digestion, boost the immune system and fight infection.

Health benefits can include weight loss, recovery from colds and flu and improved hydration in the body.

With so many benefits to shout about, plus its delicious taste, soup is an easy sell to your customers.

Available in large 4kg or small single-serve grab and go soup pots, it’s the perfect proposition to your customers in this fast-paced market.

Can soup be a main course?

Soup can be a main course because it’s warm, filling and healthy. In today’s market, consumers value all-day convenience. This can mean breakfast in the afternoon, a burger in the morning or a starter as a main course.

Our pots offer plenty of favour and cater to all food tolerances, making soup the perfect addition to your menu whatever the course!

Who can buy our pre-prepared ready made soup?

We make soup for businesses to sell to their customers, either in large 4kg quantities. With Real Soup, chefs just need to heat and serve or simply sell in smaller grab and go soup pots.

We supply anyone that serves food – whether it’s restaurants and caterers, cafes and coffee shops, universities and care homes or supermarkets and other retail outlets.


Get in touch with your local distributor to order yours!

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