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Q Awards judges impressed by our soup

The Real Soup Company’s French Onion Soup won Best Catering Soup at the prestigious 2016 Wholesale Quality Food Awards (Q Awards). The flavour was recently launched as part of the company’s ‘Around the World’ range.

French Onion was created and honed by The Real Soup Company’s dedicated team of development chefs. The soup’s rich, dark and sweet blend of sliced onions and vegetable stock impressed the Q Awards expert judging panel made up of chefs, chef-lecturers, home economists, food writers, consultants, restaurateurs, food technologists and representatives from regional food groups.

Here’s what they had to say about it:

“Lots of onion, good flavour!”

“Good product; lots of lovely onion chunks and it’s vegan too. Not overpowered by stock.”

“Good taste and good base if someone wants to posh it up.”

“Aroma is good. Flavour is strong- quite peppery. Loads of onions. Great product. Well done!”

“Soup suitable for everyone. Easy solution for the catering trade.”

“Very authentic looking with lots of onion and nice sweet flavour. Great catering product that you cannot find in retail. A clear winner for me.”

– Q awards judges

"Delicious flavour, with a lovely sweet taste of the onions coming through. 'Nice to see it back in the catering world'. Lots of onion in it, which is great."

Cardiff Metropolitan University

The Real Soup Co is top of the class at Cardiff Met!

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