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Healthy menu ideas for a health-conscious Britain

The news has recently been dominated with new government guidelines to crack down on rising obesity levels, but why now?

During lockdown, diet and exercise have been brought to our attention. The UK Government recently reported that two thirds of adults, and one in three children, are now classed as overweight in the UK, emphasising that the ”urgency of tackling the obesity time bomb has been brought to the fore by evidence of the link to an increased risk from COVID-19.”

As life adapts into a new normal, it is as important as ever to be providing people with healthy alternatives to usual lunch time staples and come up with new, healthy menu ideas. Within our range, we have soups which are under 200 calories per serving, are packed full of nutrients and are, of course, delicious.

Available in their very own takeaway soup containers, the lighter range includes carrot and coriander, butternut squash & sweet potato and tomato & basil. These super silky soups are not only low in calories but are 1 of your 5 a day and gluten free. What’s more, with all the convenience of any microwave meal, our light soup options contain fresh ingredients, are low in fat and sugar, and packed full of flavour.

The range is available both as grab and go pots, perfect as a takeaway food idea, or larger 4kg microwavable containers – great for larger-scale catering. Both options require minimal prep, making it easier for you to give customers or staff fresh, wholesome, and healthy soups.

What changes can we expect?

The government are introducing new guidelines, such as stricter advertising rules for unhealthy foods and introducing calories on menus at large restaurant chains, to help persuade Brits to start opting for healthier options.

Food packet labelling, currently following a ‘traffic light’ system, will also be reviewed, helping consumers to better understand the contents of the food they buy. At Real Soup Co., we are proactive in ensuring our customers are always aware of how many calories, how much salt and what vitamins they will be getting from their soup. You can find detailed nutritional information by clicking here.

Many have been taking on the NHS ‘Couch to 5K’ challenge during lockdown, and the government are expanding the NHS’ weight management services, including introducing more apps, to help people self-manage their diet and exercise. It is hoped this will help to reduce the strain on the NHS of dealing with weight-related health conditions.

What can companies do?

The rise on obesity has been in the news for decades and these new measures emphasise the responsibility everyone, including the food service industry, have when making everyday choices. Food on the go doesn’t have to be unhealthy and by providing customers and staff with nutritious yet convenient options, makes healthy choices possible every day and it could all start with soup!

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