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From Takeaway Food Ideas to Reducing Restaurant Waste: Get Ready to Open

As restaurants reopen and welcome back hungry diners, there will be an apparent shift in how the food service industry serves its customers. Referred to as the “new normal” what will a post-covid dining experience look like? And are you fully prepared for the changes?

Along with implementing social distancing measures and maintaining regular cleaning schedules, restaurants will be expected to make further changes to limit human touch and the spread of the virus throughout the building. Changes will include disposable paper menus, cutlery arriving at the same time as food and no sauce bottles or salt and pepper shakers but instead pre-sealed sachets.

Among these government-led changes, it is also worth thinking about what changes will be led by your customers.


Catering for Changing Eating Habits

Many diners will be cautious when eating out and will be reluctant to order hand-prepared lunches such as sandwiches. Providing food such as ready-prepared soup that requires little or no human contact will be a major factor in improving your customer’s confidence. Available in 4kg microwavable containers, our cost-effective catering tubs mean that zero hand-prep and food contact is required all while still offering delicious, home-cooked and fresh tastings soup.

From classic Tomato and Basil through to our award-winning Thai Chicken soup, with so many unique flavours to choose from, you can keep your menu fresh and renew it often to ensure your customers keep coming back.


Take-away food ideas

With some customers being hesitant to dine indoors and with limited tables available because of social distancing measures, be prepared to offer a takeaway menu. Rethink your menu and the logistics that come with offering takeaway food. What Tupperware will you require? And think about how you serve your food to ensure customers can comfortably eat from your establishment.

The food in our 380g Grab & Go Soup Pots require no human contact, come in their very own Takeaway soup container and are a perfect single portion. They can quickly be heated-up with no fuss, no mess and most importantly no wasted, unused Tupperware containers for you to store.

Oh, and did we mention that they are delicious and come in a variety different flavours? Yes, with so many individual flavours to choose from, including our award-winning Indonesian Chickpea soup you really can cater for everyone!


Reducing Food waste in Restaurants

When restaurants re-open there is no doubt that supply and demand is going to be difficult to predict. Judging how much fresh food you will require to prepare your dishes and serve your customers could be tricky, so let us take the worry from you. By supplying you with our delicious soup prepared in-house by our talented chefs, we can help you mitigate the risks that comes with ordering fresh food, providing you with further cost control.

If you would like to offer Real Soup at your restaurant, then simply get in touch with us today!

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