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The benefits of our Grab & Go soup pots

Grab & Go soup pots are a flexible solution for a wide range of businesses and organisations looking to offer fresh, delicious, nutritious hot soup to their staff and customers. They provide 380g portions perfect for individual users that can be used by caterers, canteens, vendors, restaurants and cafes to minimise waste and maximise profitability.

A wide range of choice

There are a wide range of flavours to offer customers including: Thai Chicken, Tomato & Basil, Leek & Potato, Lentil, Carrot & Coriander, Butternut Squash & Sweet Potato and Indonesian Chickpea & Coconut.

A microwavable sleeve

All Grab & Go soup pots have a microwaveable, protective sleeve. This means the soup can be made without the need for professional kitchen staff and eaten directly from the pot, without the worry of burning your fingers.

Low minimum order quantities

Our low minimum order quantity provides distributors with more flexibility, giving them greater stock control and enabling them to better react to demand and supply caterers, café’s and restaurants with more choice.

Perfect for out of hours vending

Our grab & go pots are a perfect solution for companies and organisations looking to offer their customers and employees hot food out of hours. Our single serve 380g pots can be easily microwaved without the need for kitchen staff onsite.