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Fresh Chilled Quality Soups for Restaurants

Putting our traditional, fresh chilled quality soups on your restaurant menu will not only satisfy your customers, but improve your profitability. Available through our distributors or via us directly, our wide range of delicious recipes could become the stand out item on your menu.

Quality soups your customers will love

Made with quality ingredients and with no artificial colours, there are a wide range of soups to choose from for your ‘Soup of the Day’. We currently have 20 mouth-watering recipes available, from traditional soups such as: chicken, mushroom, leek & potato and minestrone, to more exotic options including: Thai chicken; patatas bravas and spiced parsnip and honey.

As well as providing your customers with a great choice of vegetarian and vegan options, please contact us if you are looking to create an exclusive soup for your menu.

Fresh not frozen

Our delicious soups are fresh not frozen and come in easy to store 4kg resealable tubs. Each tub contains 16 generous 250g portions you can cook on demand, minimising waste, allowing you to effectively control your portions and budget. The beauty of the tubs is that there is no need for a chef to provide your customers with fresh, quality soups – all you have to do is ‘heat and serve!’

Consistency in the kitchen

Our soups also save you time and resources on preparation and the cost of buying a large amount of ingredients. While the same kitchen staff may not be there at the same time, having a regular supply of easy to prepare, restaurant-quality delicious soups in stock, helps you consistently maintain an excellent menu, regardless of who is on shift.
Marketing support

We even help you maximise your profitability from our products by providing you with a list of free marketing tools online. These include ‘soup of the day’ posters in English and Welsh, allergen information sheets and branded soup kettles. Make our soups the stand out item on your menu.

Fresh soup for foodservice

Our soup is not mass produced but handcrafted in small batches to reflect kitchen craft. Using The Real Soup Co. can save you time, resources on preparation and the cost of buying large quantities of ingredients, whilst giving your customers all the taste of a fresh homemade soup.

Great ingredients

We only use quality ingredients, allowing us to create the finest tasting flavours for your menu and more nutritious soup options.

Wide choice of flavours

With over 20 different recipes to choose from, our soups include both vibrant and innovative flavours as well as more traditional 'home cooked style' options.

Vegetarian and vegan options

Easily cater for a wide range of dietry requirements with our vegetarian and vegan options.