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How we can help you to minimise food waste and maximise profits in the food service industry

There is no doubt that the food service industry has been at the forefront of COVID-19’s economic impact. Yet, those working within the trade have proven themselves to be creative, innovative, and resilient; continuously adapting to the changes and reinventing themselves where needed.

When restaurants re-open, recovery won’t happen overnight. However, as a food service provider, we can help you mitigate food waste to help you stay profitable.

We can help free up your kitchen staff

The combination of unpredictable demand and practicing social distancing measures could mean that you’ll need to operate on limited staff when you re-open your restaurant. Investing in our ready-prepared, fresh tasting soup will ensure that your reduced team are not over-run by prepping, whilst freeing up time to concentrate on your key dishes.

Using only exceptional ingredients, our lovingly prepared soups taste as if they’ve been made in your own kitchen, so you can be assured that your customers leave feeling satisfied. All whilst you benefit from more time, less waste and higher profits.

We can help with unpredictable demand

Our ready-prepared soups can also help with fluctuating customer demand. The soups are ready to serve quickly during busy periods but don’t run this risk of perishing quickly if business suddenly turns quiet. All our soups are freshly prepared by our in-house chefs, but because they’re available in low minimum order quantities, you can simply purchase the amount you need to meet your demand! This means less risk and less waste for your business

They provide portion control

Available in handy 4kg ‘no mess’ microwaveable catering tubs, each one provides 16 hearty servings. Chefs can guarantee accurate portions providing peace of mind when it comes to portion sizes and complete cost control.

They are a fantastic take-away option

Soup is the perfect contact-free solution to a take-away lunch option. Our Grab & Go pots come in their own handy container, providing a simple take-away option which minimises contact with food and helps you avoid over-buying, or running out of Tupperware.


Five quick tips on reducing food waste:

  1. Encourage customers to book

At first, it is going to be difficult to predict how busy your restaurant will be. Taking bookings ahead of re-opening will not only allow you to ensure strict social distancing measures but it will help you to predict the number of customers you will be welcoming back through your doors. So, you can order the appropriate amount of fresh food to reduce waste.

  1. Have a contingency plan

Pre-consider a number of different scenarios and work out how you would manage. For example, if customers turn up without booking, have you ordered enough food to cater for them? And do you have enough staff to handle walk-ins?

  1. Keep your food inventory up to date

It’s not always easy to keep your food inventory up to date, especially during busy periods, but making the effort will be worth your while. Meticulously updating your inventory regularly allows you to establish a pattern so you can confidently order what is needed week-by-week.

  1. Use food efficiently.

The recent events have taught us to become more resourceful with our food, with almost every household becoming expert banana bread bakers! Being more efficient with your food will help to reduce your waste and it is also kinder to our planet. Why not keep day old bread and make tasty crunchy croutons to top our delicious soups?

  1. Educate your staff

It’s vital for staff to know how to correctly store and prepare food for hygiene measures, but educating your staff about food waste management and the effects it has on profit will help them to become more mindful when storing, preparing food and disposing of food.

If you would like to offer Real Soup in your restaurant get in touch.

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