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Honest, healthy readymade soups packed full of goodness

There’s never been a more important time to ensure that you are serving healthy, fresh foods to your customers. Consumers are becoming more health conscious and are expecting food outlets to take some of this responsibility and offer fresh, nutritious food options on their menu.

For the time-poor but health conscious consumer, healthy alternatives to conventional ‘fast food’ that still provide the same amount of convenience are becoming more and more attractive. Guilt free convenience, it’s a win win!

And it doesn’t stop there, studies show that consumers are now going the extra mile and taking the time to check their food labels and understand the nutritional value in their lunches, ditching their old habits and seeking out foods that provide the healthiest option. This has led to additional pressures for food brands and caterers to be more transparent with what’s going into their products.

So, what have we done to serve these growing habits?

This isn’t a new practice for us at The Real Soup Company. Transparency is something that we’ve always been proud of; communicating exactly what goes into our soups and ensuring that each and every Grab & Go soup is packed full of goodness and one of your five a day!

Providing you with the opportunity to offer a healthy option whilst spicing up your menu with delicious, fresh soup packed full of goodness, our Grab & Go soups are also gluten free and low in calories. In fact, each soup is under 280 calories.

Let your customers know what’s going into their food

We provide you with downloadable nutritional value posters, so you can inherit our transparency and provide your customer with the same amount of openness that we provide to you. There’s nothing to hide behind with our delicious, healthy and convenient Grab & Go soup pots

Our Grab & Go Flavours

From traditional Tomato and Basil, through to Indonesian Chickpea & Coconut, we offer a wide selection of Grab & Go pots to spice up your menu and keep it fresh, new and exciting. To find out more about our nutritious Grab & Go pots, visit our grab and go page.

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