With so many delicious Real Soups to choose from, we want to help you create the best soup offer for your menu. That’s why we’ve put together a wide variety of items to help you get the most from our products. Whether you’re looking to maximize your profitability, creating point-of-sale displays or simply searching for inspiring recipe suggestions, you’ll find everything you need here.

Support Materials

Handy soup of the day posters

Order some of our ‘soup of the day’ posters to help promote your menu. The posters are available for all of our delicious soups in Welsh, English with or without ingredients.

Allergen Sheet

Download our allergen sheet either in PDF format or JPG format.


Download our brochure in PDF format.

380g Served here Poster

Download our poster in PDF format.

Grab and Go Poster

Download our poster in PDF format.

Canteen Poster

Download our poster in PDF format.

Soup Kettles

Real Soup Co Web Dev - Resources - 1-2_Soup Kettle - Desktop
The Real Soup Co. branded soup kettles

Branded Soup Kettles available-please contact us for more details